Behemoth Bartzabel video klibini yayınladı


Behemoth Bartzabel video klibini yayınladı. Polonyalı Death/Black Metal grubu 5 Ekim’de çıkartacağı yeni albümü I Loved You At Your Darkest’dan üçüncü single olarak bugün yayınladığı Bartzabel adlı parçanın video klibini de müzikseverlerin beğenisine sundu.

Topluluk geçtiğimiz günlerde I Loved You At Your Darkest’dan God=Dog ve Wolves ov Siberia single’larını yayınlamıştı.


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“Come Unto Me, Bartzabel!”

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Soooo… this lil thingy stirred some shit up yesterday! Wow! I’m overwhelmed and flattered at the same time! Pretty much ALL of u HERE understood the intention just spot on! For those who know me well know that I ALWAYS carry along a lot of passion and love for animals… and kids! Maybe coz I still don’t have my own…🙌😊😏 BUT it’s funny to see how all those conservative catholic-driven Polish media picked it up calling “pathetic”. Well… u know my opinion of “concrete” heads and their totalitarian approach… but not ALL of Polish society is brainwashed and I deeply believe the regime of the leading party is soon to end. And with this, ALL the absurd propaganda that they bring along. But NOW I’m curious what do YOU think about it?

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Behemoth Bartzabel video klibini yayınladı.

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