Günün Şarkısı George Harrison My Sweet Lord


Günün Şarkısı George Harrison My Sweet Lord

Bugün cemiyetimiz sizin için The Beatles gitaristi George Harrison ‘ın solo kariyerinden hint etkili My Sweet Lord ‘u seçti.

#GeorgeHarrison with French singer #GeorgesMoustaki, and with #RadhaKrishnaTemple at Maxim’s, Paris, France, 18 March #1970. Photos: AGIP/RDA/Getty Images; Jean Claude Deutsch/Paris Match/Getty Images. 🎶 “Commenting on the temple’s record, George told us that it was basically a devotional chant. ‘While the words don’t alter, the turn it is sung to doesn’t matter. You could sing it to Coming Round The Mountain if you wanted. All I’ve done on this is shorten it. The actual meaning of the words is not important, although there are various forms of addressing the spiritual Lord – God, if you like. They are more a sort of magical vibration to bring about a spiritual awareness. ‘God has many names, and, while I’ve always believed in the existence of a God, I never knew what to call him. This is just another way of finding spiritual communion.’ Asked if he would join the sect, George looked a bit dubious. ‘No, I’m not putting these people forward as being the only right ones in the world. I’m just bringing them to the attention of the public. If they like them, well and good; if not, it’s not for me to say they’re wrong. ‘Anyway,’ he added, wryly, ‘they are not allowed to touch stimulants, and though I don’t take spirits or wine, I drink coffee and smoke.’ George also believes that if everyone attempted to become more spiritually conscious there would be more chance of having a peaceful world, but he says that it’s up to the individual to find his own way of achieving this awareness. “ – The Beatles Book, October 1969 // #music #OTD #1960s #1970s #thateventuality

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Günün Şarkısı George Harrison My Sweet Lord - Musiki Cemiyeti
Günün Şarkısı George Harrison My Sweet Lord – Musiki Cemiyeti

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