Behemoth İstanbul konseri biletleri satışa çıktı

Behemoth İstanbul konseri biletleri satışa çıktı | Musiki Cemiyeti

Behemoth İstanbul konseri biletleri satışa çıktı. Geçtiğimiz günlerde Behemoth frontman’i Nergal’ın instagram hesabından duyurduğu İstanbul konseri hakkında detaylar duyuruldu. Pozitif tarafından düzenlenen konser Volkswagen Arena’da gerçekleşecek. Mobilet üzerinden satın alabileceğiniz biletler avantajlı dönem kapsamında 90 TL.

Polonyalı Blackened/Death Metal grubu Behemoth son albümü I Loved You At Your Darkest’ı 5 Ekim’de yayınladı. Albüm için Musiki Cemiyeti’nde yayınlanan inceleme yazısını okumak için tıklayınız.


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I rembemer when I attended Nick Cave concert in Berlin a year ago. There were people outside of the venue protesting against the show and the artist himself. Why? Coz few days later he was scheduled to play in Israel. Arguments thrown against him by some Palestinian activists were: by playing in Tel Aviv he’s a supporting Israeli government’s actions against Palestine. Oh seriously? So if I play in US it makes me automatically a supporter of Trump’s politics? If I go and perform in Minsk or Russia does that mean I’m at peace with Lukashenko or Putin politics? When I make my decision to tour Poland does that mean I’m PIS (leading political party, unfortunately) follower? NO, NO, NO and NO. If artist goes to country A, B or C it ONLY means he’s there for PEOPLE who are fans of his music. Simple as THAT! I’ve NEVER put any illusionary boundaries between nations… as long as there are people who are into music and art I’m happy! On the contrary some ask me If I would we play in Palestine? OF KORZ WE WOULD! Just make sure it’s safe there and I’ll be the first one to perform for metal fans in Islamic countries… why? They have their own monotheistic shit to deal with and I bet there’s LEGIONS of free thinking ppl who JUST wanna celebrate freedom and metal. Saying all that I’m proud to announce ANOTHER (5th one already?) Behemoth show in Israel on February 20th and for a right balance… Istanbul on 23rd!😇😉🙌

Adam Nergal Darski (@nergal69)’in paylaştığı bir gönderi ()

Behemoth İstanbul konseri biletleri satışa çıktı.

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