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CKY GG Allin cover’ladı. Amerikalı post-grunge, punk grubu CKY Record Store Day kara cuma etkinliklerine özel Too Precious To Kill adlı bir EP çıkartacak. Topluluk EP’de GG Allin cover’ı Bite It You Scum da olacak.

Aykırı kişiliği ve sahne şovlarıyla tanınan Amerikalı müzisyen Kevin Michael “GG” Allin 1993 yılında vefat etmişti.


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Listen to BITE IT YOU SCUM right now on YouTube, from the upcoming @recordstoredayus exclusive brand new CKY EP “TOO PRECIOUS TO KILL”! . . “Nobody knows fucking GG Allin! CKY will kill you!!!…with this relentless and quite vicious studio version of the classic punk rock song “Bite It, You Scum”. It has been a longtime staple in the CKY live show and highly requested for over a decade! Here it is in studio quality, only available as part of the record store day exclusive ‘Too Precious To Kill EP.’ Take a shit on someone!” -CiG . CKY – TOO PRECIOUS TO KILL is a Record Store Day – Black Friday exclusive with extremely limited physical copies. Visit to find an independent record store near you! (Sorry UK and elsewhere in the world, this special EP is only available in the USA and Canada.. We recommend you find a fellow CKY Alliance friend that lives in the USA to grab one for you!) . #CKY #TooPreciousToKill #RecordStoreDay #BlackFriday #RSDBF #BiteItYouScum #Vinyl #Records

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CKY GG Allin cover’ladı.

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