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Nachtmystium ve Leviathan cover albümü çıkartacak!

Nachtmystium ve Leviathan birlikte cover albümü çıkartıyor | Musiki Cemiyeti

Nachtmystium ve Leviathan cover albümü çıkartacak! 2008 yılında çıkması planlanan fakat o dönemki yayın hakları ve diğer bir takım sebeplerden ötürü bu zamana kadar ertelenen In The Valley Of Death, Where Black Metal is King: An Homage to the Roots adlı çalışma 15 temmuzda CD, kaset, plak ve dijital formatlarda piyasaya sürülecek. Albüm Judas Iscariot, Ildjarn, Burzum ve Von gibi grupların cover’larından oluşacak.

We are EXTREMELY excited to announce our split with LEVIATHAN originally planned for 2008 is FINALLY coming out! Repost for @ascensionmonumentsmedia Follow Ascension Monuments Media for further updates!! **NEW RELEASE ANNOUNCEMENT** Monument016 – NACHTMYSTIUM / LEVIATHAN – “In The Valley Of Death, Where Black Metal is King: An Homage to the Roots” CD / LP / Cassette / Digital release!! American black metal heavyweights NACHTMYSTIUM and LEVIATHAN are finally releasing their split LP that was planned for release in 2008 but was blocked due to legal issues regarding the bands contracts with their respective labels at the time. Wrest & Blake Judd have been close friends for nearly 15 years and were bandmates in TWILIGHT for ten years, so the split finally coming out is a great thing in the opinions of these two old friends. This LP is a collection of black metal covers from the bands who’ve influenced both bands the most. The main focus being on US black metals most important band, JUDAS ISCARIOT, whom both bands contribute covers of on this release. The albums artwork is a hail to JUDAS ISCARIOT album art, and the title is a play on the JI track, “In The Valley of Death, I Am Their King”, from the bands final album, ‘To Embrace The Corpses Bleeding’ (Red Stream Records, 2002) Other bands covered on this split include Norwegian legends ILDJARN and BURZUM, and primal early-90’s black metal underground legends VON. Don’t miss this important release paying tribute to the artists whom paved the way creatively for NACHTMYSTIUM and LEVIATHAN to exist! Release date: CD – Cassette – Digital: June 15th, 2018. 12″ LP – early-to-mid July, 2018. PRE-ORDERS FOR ALL FORMATS BEGIN IN THE NEXT DAY OR SO – Follow AMM on Bandcamp or Facebook to receive notifications of pre-orders going live! #leviathan #nachtmystium #twilight #twilightusbm #hatemeditation #lurkerofchalice #ascensionmonumentsmedia #judasiscariot #ildjarn #burzum #von #ascensionmonumentsmedia #southernlordrecords #southernlord #centurymedia

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Nachtmystium ve Leviathan cover albümü çıkartacak!

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