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Yeni Mantar şarkısı Age of The Absurd için teaser yayınlandı

Yeni Mantar şarkısı Age of The Absurd için teaser yayınlandı | Musiki Cemiyeti

Yeni Mantar şarkısı Age of The Absurd için teaser yayınlandı. Türkçe isimli ve bir grup üyesi Türkiye’li olan Mantar 24 Ağustos’ta çıkartacağı yeni albümü The Modern Art of Setting Ablaze’den Age of The Absurd için hazırlanan teaser’ı müzik severlerin beğenisine sundu.

Yeni Mantar şarkısı Age of The Absurd için teaser yayınlandı

Yeni Mantar şarkısı Age of The Absurd için teaser yayınlandı

Monstrous black/doom/punk chimera @mantarband have announced the details for their third, upcoming studio album: THE MODERN ART OF SETTING ABLAZE. The album includes 12 songs and is set to be unleashed August 24, 2018 via Nuclear Blast Records. “The Modern Art Of Setting Ablaze” is a title in-keeping with MANTAR’s symbolic obsession with fire on albums previous; this time disavowing mankind‘s tendency to blindly follow those that would lead us into oblivion. This isn‘t necessarily a political statement; more a morbid fascination with current smoldering tensions that threaten to set the minds of the masses on fire. Keep your eyes peeled and your ears open; there’s more news to come… #mantar #mantarband #blackmetal #doommetal #punk #doompunk #sludge #sludgemetal #nuclearblast #deathbyburning #odetotheflame #themodernartofsettingablaze

Nuclear Blast USA (@nuclearblastusa)’in paylaştığı bir gönderi ()

Well… we hope everybody is finally able to breathe again. Yes, we are excited about the new record as well. Yes, we know about the historical background of the cover artwork. And yes, we chose the „Lichtbringer“ in full awareness of your anticipated reactions. It´s good to see we could rely on (y)our gut feeling. The cover art shows a relief at the entrance of the Böttcherstraße in Bremen, GER called “Der Lichtbringer” (Bringer of Light). Done in 1936 by German artist Bernhard Hoetger who claimed the picture would show the victory of the Third Reich over the powers of darkness, intended to flatter the regime, which, however, rejected his work and listed it as degenerate art and also excluded Hoetger himself from the party. (Joke´s on you, sucker!) After WWII the piece was mainly characterized as a picture of archangel St. Michael as people tried to amend the initial intention of the artwork. The relief hangs to this very day… UNCOMMENTED. Which is exactly the problem. People had 80 years to deal with it or to at least make sure to add some explanations to this piece of art. Instead, people chose to deal with it in a very poor and therefore even more human manner. Trying to forget about it. Trying to deny the initial meaning. Trying to pretend this period of history and the liability of man to blindly follow any sort of leader is over. IT IS NOT. Because, sadly, people are dumb. One person individually MIGHT be intelligent… a whole bunch of them is nothing less than a hysterical mass. Always has been, always will be. And if any of you really think we sympathize in any way with Nazi ideology you are insulting our intelligence. If you don’t like the artwork, we understand. So it is. Sorry. If this is reason enough for you to stop supporting our band: go ahead. It´s fine. No hate. No hard feelings. For real. We do this for US so we have to do what seems right for us and not necessarily for YOU. Also, last but not least, with all due respect, please understand that we are simply an extreme Metal band and didn’t start this band to secure your comfort or to guarantee not to hurt anyone’s feelings. These times are uncomfortable. Hopefully for all of us… #noleaders

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